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Aw fuckin'...

November 2009



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Nov. 7th, 2009


Possibly a quick update-like?

I hate saturdays.

Ok... I mean, I don't have time to be doing anythingggggg but I'm just saying that next week, hopefully, maybe I'll try to catch up, with you guys, and with fandom (even a littleeeee) because I miss everything soooo muchhhhhh and I know that I'll be put into better moods. Siiiiiiiighhhhhhhh. I know this entry is out of nowhere and you may have thought I was dead, but I'm just sleeping... metaphorically that is, of course.

To recount, just a little, of what has gone on:
I was Death [from The Sandman] for Halloween!!! It was awesome.


... こんばんは!! あの。。。 私はページです。。。 So like, I can type in Japanese on here and that's awesome too.

I had a fantastic, fantastic birthday for once. I had a picnic under a gazebo outside, and it was raining, and I made B.L.'s (no tomato, thank you), fresh cucumber salad-thing that I stole from my boy because it was delicious, FRUIT SALAD with blackberries, muscadine grapes, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds (this salad of my own, simple devising), had a bag of plantain chips and かれしさん (... Mr. Boyfriend... ok, that was weird of me) brought me cake. YELLOW cake, my favorite. Ah well, anyway, it was wonderful~~

There's more.... and I'll spare the negative of my recent past/present because I am not in the mood. :) Aside from the paper that is due, I can't wait for monday. It's weird, I suppose... but I'm so averse to weekends now, and so fond of weeks (aside from the work and the stress). It's good because weeks are longer than weekends. :) Ah.

.... The future is obscure but... whatever... happens... happens...

Aug. 30th, 2009



Oh fuck, what a night. I need to punch a fucker or two. Well now I can get my thoughts out. Bloody fuck fucking hell. I hope to God I didn't just royally fuck up. Fuck.

Aug. 28th, 2009



I just totally sunk. What a fucking PRICK. :'( *sigh* I semi-feel like shit.
But de first week of school is OVER, WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's going to be a hard semester. My friend who took an overload last year (as I am, this year) told me that one can do it, but one can't have that much fun and.... well, I want fun. I feel like I'm devoting what other time I have to one person in particular, and then I have like... two other real friends here who are transferring next year so, I vant to socialize and meet new people, but I feel like I'm reverting back to how I was in ... high school and further. Again, I semi-feel like shit.

And I have a sort of dilemma. I'm in a suite with 4 rooms, 3 of which are officially occupied by me and my two suitemates. Well, my suitemate's brother is occupying the fourth room and he doesn't go to my school. I don't really have anything against that... that much... as I understand it I think he's just staying here (for free) because my suitemate's family doesn't want to pay for his own housing or... whatever... I think he goes to another college that's about 15-20 minutes away... and I don't really see him around and I don't have to share a bathroom with him or anything, but it's just the fact that he's there that irks me. I don't know how much GA Tech housing is but my sister goes there and it's pretty fucking cheap for a college if you have the HOPE scholarship, and even without the scholarship I don't think it could be that bad because it's a public school, and there are thingies called loans and grants and financial aid, or otherwise he could just live at his own bloody house. I guess I'm just a tad bit worried because there's just something sort of... inherently wrong about this; I mean, it's illegal and I feel like I'm an accessory to a crime... and what if I bloody lose my scholarship? I don't know how or why that would happen just because my suitemate's brother is staying here, but I'm paranoid. Also, my suitemate didn't even ask me and my other suitemate if he could stay. ALSO, and this is the main main problem here, in all seriousness I am fucking freaked out about swine flu and I know it's going around GA Tech [my sister bloody got it, and thank god she's fine... and the rest of my family is fine (so far) but I'm freaked out so freaked out, not for me especially, but for someone I care about] and if he bloody GOES THERE, then that's just more chance for him to bring it to my campus. I just feel like this is wrong. It's wrong, right? Or should I let it slide? Or... should I give a faculty member an anonymous hint that this is happening? Or am I making a big deal? But swine flu is a big deal and I'm being paranoid about that, but it's not unreasonable paranoia.

Bababah. Anyway. Rant over. Haaai domooooo. I think I'm becoming wayyyy too dependent.

Heeeey, One Piece!!! Fuck ja!!!! It keeps me going. ^__________________^

Aug. 17th, 2009

Range's pretty sleek too


I saw parallel rainbows today and it was pretty. ^ ^

Aug. 15th, 2009


Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow...

Yoyoyoyoyo! Look, here's something really cool- it's like remixes to these movies with their sounds. The music's good (if you like mixes and trancey stuff) and God, it's nostalgic (for me, anyway). I liiiiike the Mary Poppins one, the Alice in Wonderland one, the Secret Garden one, the Harry Potter one... Ahaha, and there's a random video where I think the guy who makes these videos is dancing in a Darth Vader mask, tehehehe. Anyway, here, I'm linking to the Mary Poppins one because that's what I'm listening to.

Six Feet Under's a great show. I feel bad for not reading as much, since I have library books due (oshi--) and school's starting soon (ofuh--) but I want to waaaaaaaatch! You know, with reading, I just find myself (recently, anyway) pausing so much because I have so many things on my mind, but with a show it's easier not to do that. I'll end up thinking for too long about something I've already thought about. You just need to take deep breaths... and be calm and positive. Yeeeeeeeeeeesh. :)

... (Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!)

(no subject)

Good God, August has been a horrible month! Well, things are looking up. Donc je suis contente. :)

Aug. 6th, 2009

Aw fuckin'...

After every bloody haircut I reconsider getting a pixie or a mohawk

Man. I shouldn't be upset, because being upset over haircuts is silly, riiiiight, but FUCKING HELL. I don't recall any bloody haircut that I've received in my life that I've actually liked. I used to end up crying. I want long hair but I don't just want long hair, you know! It can't be this blunt crap with slight layering that looks exactly what my sister would have wanted a few fucking years ago! I WANT *THIS* and you don't fucking know how to do that, you $45-haircut charger? (Need to get this out) I don't fucking want this piece there and you always fucking 'make it softer' and it never fucking works and just... I can never trust anyone to give me a good haircut. *deep breaths*
Well, get over it, Paige. But it's hard. *pouts* It's just one of those things you hate since childhood, like the dentist (who I also hate) or something. What do you guys hate?

Recommendation for anyone who wants a good book to read: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Really.

Hey, I'm looking for more books to read! Right now I'm sort of more into contemporary stuff, and I've made quite a list, and even though school starts soon, I'd like to add to it, so if you have anything...

Signing off. >:(

Jul. 22nd, 2009



Today's one of those miserable days. There are minor reasons why I feel miserable-- the last two books I finished were unsatisfying, this bitch still owes me money and I'm not going to get it, unproductivity and inquietude, naivete, one of my best friends is depressed and I'm not doing much to help, my brother, myself-- there are larger ones why I should feel better. There usually are, so get out of it.

Ok. Tomorrow's a new day. +,-. I'm always so torn between things, you know?

Jun. 29th, 2009


It's only been a day

I only remembered to read the new chapter of Bleach today. Pritty pritty uninterested in it, I'm just reading it because. 'Superchunky from Hell'? Sounds like ice cream. :P Does anyone else keep up with Bleach, anyway? One Piece, on the other hand, is held deeply in my heart. <3

Jun. 23rd, 2009

L/Light//Spirted Away

I always feel like

It's 6 am and I'm up eating ice cream. Wheeeeeee.

I need a good song to dance to, because if I lose a bet (a few supersmash bros. battles), then I have to dance for someone. Not a lapdance or anything, just a silly, whatever-I-want-to-do dance, but I hope I don't lose. -_- And I want to do more bets (wuh?), so I need some things to bet over, just here and there in day-to-day life.

That's it, maybe...? Reading books, I am? Jobless, but that's sort of ok? Right now I think I will finally beat Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon so that will be over with, and then read some more.

And I fed ducks and geese today! I don't like alphas of species. >:[

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